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This is a translation of Account deaktivieren. Please insert only links to (existing or to-be-written) English language Wiki pages here. In diesem Artikel bitte nur Links auf englischsprachige Seiten verwenden.

You are annoyed of e-mails?

Sometimes notifications can get annoying - especially when newsletters and notifications from other websites combined with spam emails are flooding the mailbox all at once. You can easily disable receiving notifications and newsletters from Opencaching:

  • Disable the Opencaching newsletter and notifications about new geocache at the my profile data page.
  • Disable notifications on watched geocaches at the watched geocaches page.

You do not have time to maintain your geocaches anymore?

If you do not have time to maintain your geocaches anymore, you can put your geocaches up for adoption. Adoption would free yourself from the typical owner responsibilities.

You need a break from geocaching?

If you just need a break from geocaching feel free to take a break instead of a cancellation. Keep your option open to return at a later time.

You really want to cancel your user account?

Consequences of an account cancellation:

  • All your geocaches will be archived.
  • Your statistics will be deleted.
  • All your personal data will be deleted from your account.
  • You can not revers your cancellation. Your account is lost.
  • All your geocaches get archived and locked.

Note: It is not possible to delete an user account after you have logged a geocache or had an own geocache. In such a case your account will be deactivated and all your personal data including the e-mail address will be deleted. The only remaining will be your user name, your logs and archived geocaches. Locked&hidden geocaches will also remain in their status.

If you still want to cancel your user account at the Opencaching website send an email to the support team

To prevent misunderstandings: Please, send your cancellation email by using the email address you registered at the Opencaching website. Use the subject "Account cancellation - $username"

We would be pleased you telling us why you cancelled your account. Your feedback may help us to improve our service in the future.