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OConlys are very special geocaches!

Das OConly Logo

What is an OConly?

An OConly is a geocache that is only listed at OC, meaning Opencaching.de. The geocache owner indicates that by enabling the OConly attribute in the geocache's listing. These exclusive OC geocaches are the "heart" of Opencaching.de - you can only find them on our website. You can support Opencaching.de by publishing OConly geocaches. Currently there are 6000 geoaches with the OConly attribute and additional 2000 OConlys without the attribute.

How do I find OConlys

An easy way to find OConlys is to enable the OCOnly attribute as filter option on the Opencaching map. Afterwards you will only see the OConlys on the map.

You could also activate the filter option "hide GC listings". This filter hides all geocache listings which contain a link to geocaching.com. Theoretically the remaining geocaches are OConlys without the corresponding attribute enabled. However, some owners do not add links to additional geocache listings on geocaching.com. Therefore using the option "hide GC listings" is not foolproof. The data maintenance team has a list of redundant listed geocaches. These geocaches will also be hidden.

The OConly map

You can also use the OConly map. This map is at an external website and not part of Opencaching.de. The OConly map is using the geocache data from Opencaching.de.

  • Click on the symbol on the right side (non-GC) to display all geocaches which have a listing on Opencaching.de but not on geocaching.com. The result contains all OConlys and some geocaches with multiple listings on other websites like Navicache.
  • Click on the OConly symbol in the middle to display only geocaches with enabled OConly attribute.
  • Click on the ? symbol to display OConly geoaches with an unclear status, meaning the data maintenance team has indication the geocache might not be hidden anymore. You can support the data quality by seeking those geocaches and reviewing them. Please, give us feedback via the OConly map.

How do I mark a geocache as OConly?

The activated OConly attribute

Open the listing of the geocache and click the Edit button. Activate the OConly attribute in the section Cache attributesand Save the listing.


OConly-81 is a geocaching challenge. You need to find geocaches with all possible difficulty and terrain combinations to fill the matrix.

If you want to participate, you need to enable the OConly-81 statistic in your user profile details. Afterwards the statistic is available in your public user profile.

Event participations are not counted.

Please note, that there might be geocachers who fake difficulty and terrain values of geocaches to get needed combinations. So, be honest to yourself and others to be a respected community member.

Colour of OConlys on the map

OConly-Symbol Karte.png

Version 5, released in March 2013, introduced new OConly geocache symbols on the map. They have a light blue background. In case several symbols do overlap on the map, the OConlys are displayed on top.

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