Waypoint types

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Waypoint types on different Geocaching platforms

ID GPX Sym ID GPX Sym GPXgc Sym Type OCDE Sym OCPL Sym
Final Location yes 4 Circle with X 3 Flag, Red Flag, Red final Circle with X Flag, Red
Parking Area yes 1 Parking Area 5 Parking Area Parking Area parking Parking Area Parking Area
Path 3 Flag, Blue path Flag, Blue
Physical Stage yes 1 Flag, Green Flag, Green physical-stage Flag, Green
Point of Interest 5 Diamond, Green 4 Circle with X Waypoint poi Diamond, Green Circle with X
Reference Point
(or Stage)
yes 2 Flag, Green stage Flag, Green
Trailhead yes 6 Trailhead Trailhead
Virtual Stage yes 2 Flag, Green Flag, Blue virtual-stage Flag, Green


  • OCPL has two different GPX generators used in different contexts, that produce an inconsistent POI symbol
  • OCPL mixes Garmin (e.g. "Flag, Green") and Groundspeak symbols
  • Garmin symbols are not compatible with Groundspeak symbols
  • Trailhead is missing in OKAPI