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This is a translation of Statistikbild. Please insert only links to (existing or to-be-written) English language Wiki pages here. In diesem Artikel bitte nur Links auf englischsprachige Seiten verwenden.

Example of statistics pictures

A statistics picture is a little picture displaying the number of your found and hidden geocaches, optional a short text and the Opencaching logo. There are other websites like who offer similar statistics pictures for trackable items. Statistics picture are used to be included in web pages or forum post signatures. Your statistics picture is automatically updated, for example after a new logged find.

You can access your current picture at your Statistics picture page.

Configure your statistics picture

Configure your statistics picture

  1. Click on MY PROFILE > Statistics picture
  2. Click on Change.
  3. Optional: Enter a text to be displayed on your logo.
  4. Choose a logo template. Only the templates containing an additional text line can display your text.
  5. Click Save

Include your statistics picture on other websites

  1. Click on MY PROFILE > Statistics picture
  2. Copy&paste the HTML code for websites and the BBCode for web forums into the form of the other website.
  3. Save the data on the other website.