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Recommendations at the home page

A special feature on is the recommendation system.

After each 10 found logs a cacher receives a recommendation star. When you log your next finds and you enjoyed the geocache very much, you can use a recommendation star to tag it to the geocache as recommendation. This is a way to say Thank you! to the owner of the geocache for his good work. Additionally other cachers can see recommendations and search for them at the search page.

If a geocache - except events - receives many recommendations during the last 30 days it gets listed at the home page in the section "Current top ratings".

Recommendations per region

There is an additional page that shows recommendations split per region.

German regions

The European Union has a system to split the member countries into regions for purposes of socio-economic analyses. The system is called the NUTS classification. uses the classification as of year 2004 on level 2 for Germany. The system is actuelly a little bit outdated.


The system does not work for a minor number of geocaches which are located - for example - at Lake Constance or in the Wadden Sea. Such geocaches are listed in the section "Germany > (ohne geogr. Bezug)".