How to log in at the Opencaching website

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After registering at one of the Opencaching websites (.de, .es, .it or .at) and activating your new user account, you can login by using your user name and password combination.

You can do so


You can also use your email address instead of your user name. At your first login that would be the email address you provided during the registration process. If you change your email address at a later time, keep in mind, to use the new one to login.

Problems signing in to your account

There are some issues that could cause trouble when trying to login:

  • Your web browser needs to accept cookies. If not, please, consult the help pages of your web browser.
  • It might happen, that your web browser was not able to store the cookie correctly on your computer. In this case, try deleting all cookies of your web browser manually. Please, consult the help pages of your web browser how to do so. After cleaning your web browser try again to login.
  • Maybe you did not register yet? → How to register at the Opencaching website.
  • Did you forget your password? → Request a new password.
  • You still can not login? Please, contact our support team at